• Low Risk: In the USA the multi-family unit real estate market has a deficit of approximately 7 million units that generates a very high demand. This is the product in which we specialize and we have no pressure to sell thanks to the fact that our fixed costs are always covered by high demand and occupancy.
  • High return on capital: the typical return for a multifamily business, following the strategies established by EcoStone Group, ranges from 20% to 30% per year.
  • Dividend distributions: because these properties have an excellent flow after the stabilization period, our Company, partners and investors enjoy monthly dividends that contribute to the returns generated by our EcoStone Group strategy.
  • Wealth Growth and Profits: Commercial real estate is the most proven investment vehicle for wealth growth, and this investment method offers multiple wealth protections and tax advantages that can translate into higher returns.

Planning, organization and integrated management

They are the basic principles of our system.

The result of these years of research, acquisition and asset management, we have acquired enough experience to advise you on your investments; Our pillars give us the support to provide you with a comprehensive service.